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If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you need a skilled and committed legal professional on your side. Our well-respected criminal attorney, Mark Raymond McDonald, and our staff are committed to helping you.

We understand that the legal process is confusing and usually terrifying for the accused and their families. It is vital to us that our client is fully involved in how their defense is put together and carried out.

Our firm ensures that you learn every legal aspect of your case, as well as the court process. Here, we are committed to our clients and to winning cases! We can assist you at any stage of your case but achieve the best results if we become involved before any interrogation. By accompanying you in any interrogation process, the criminal defense lawyer at our firm can protect you and ensure that your rights are not violated. We proudly serve San Bernardino and Riverside. We provide a Free Initial Consultation!

  • “It’s easy to say "thank you" - What’s difficult to do is express the many special thoughts behind our thanks to you.”

    Shelly and Shawn

  • “What amazes me is that you were able to get my cases resolved so fast! Thank you for all of your help.”


  • “Thank you for your patience while we attempted to understand and learn how the "system" works. Gary.”


  • “Thanks to you I am able to move on with my life and family. I learned a big lesson, know who your friends are and stay out of Riverside County. ”


  • “The employees of the Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald will be a part of my life forever! I’m glad you came into my life! ”


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  • “I am so grateful for all your work to help my son, I can’t thank you enough for bringing him home to me. ”


  • “I think Mr. McDonald was absolutely awesome. His closing statement was impressive to say the least. He is an incredible trial attorney. I am very impressed with not only Mr. McDonald, but also with his staff.”

    From a Witness

  • “I would hate to imagine what might have happened had I gone to another attorney. You office is the best there is and we will be forever grateful to you.”

    The Duncan Family

  • “You have helped me more, than you’ll ever know! The Biggest Thanks again! ”


  • “The best day of my life is when I got Mark’s name, and when he got my son’s case dismissed. ”


  • “Thank you for your dedication as well as your professional work in a case that has truly made a difference in my life.”


  • “Dear Mr. McDonald, I just wanted to take the time to Thank you and Denise for everything you have done for my children and I thank you for being there. Take care, God Bless! Jennifer.”


  • “ You got my charges dismissed and I am forever grateful to you and your kind staff.”


  • The 2018 Clay Awards
    The 2018 Clay Awards

    "The CLAY award (California Lawyer of the Year) is presented once a year to the most outstanding lawyer in his or her field of law the previous year. Mark Raymond McDonald won this award for his victory in the “Colonies” nine-month political corruption trial that resulted in the complete acquittal of his client."

  • 10.0 Avvo Score - Top Attorney
    10.0 Avvo Score - Top Attorney
  • Avvo Client's Choice Award 2016
    Avvo Client's Choice Award 2016
  • 5 Star Rated on Google
    5 Star Rated on Google
  • Avvo Client's Choice Award 2013
    Avvo Client's Choice Award 2013
  • Superb Avvo Rating - Top Attorney Criminal Defense
    Superb Avvo Rating - Top Attorney Criminal Defense

Honest Counsel,
Aggressive Representation

You are better off hiring an attorney to defend you when facing criminal charges. The law is far more complex than most people think, and having a skilled attorney at your side causes the court to take your defense seriously.

As a former prosecutor, Mr. McDonald is familiar with both sides of the criminal proceedings and can use this perspective to your advantage.

Too many criminal defense lawyers will promise an outcome they know they can never deliver. They want your business and if they tell you what you want to hear, you will pay them. Our firm believes in being honest right from the start and remaining that way throughout your case.

A Personal Message
from Mr. McDonald

As your attorney, I will always give you an honest appraisal of what I can do for you. You will never come back to me later and say that I promised you one thing and delivered something else. A source of great pride within our whole office is knowing that our clients participate in their defense strategy every step of the way, beginning with the first consultation.

Here, you may not always like what I tell you about your case, but you will always hear the truth. This philosophy, in how we treat our clients, contributes to the great results we are able to achieve in our cases. I consider each of my clients’ cases, no matter how large or small, to be equally important. I will work tirelessly to achieve the result you and I together have agreed is a good outcome based upon your particular circumstance.

Protect Yourself
by Calling Our Firm

Because he is a sole practitioner, you will receive individualized service from the San Bernardino and Riverside criminal defense attorney at the firm. Mr. McDonald handles all of his cases personally, rather than hand them off to someone with less experience. Client service and satisfaction is his number one priority and his goal is to provide the most thorough, intelligent, and vigorous defense available.

Our office is in the city of San Bernardino, and we handle cases throughout all of San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles Counties. Free Initial Consultation!