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How Prop 64 Can Help Those Marijuana-Related Convictions

Marijuana has been a recreational drug in California for some time, and while many are at home celebrating that fact, there are still thousands of Californians in prison for marijuana possession charges. However, new changes to Prop 64 are speeding up the review and release process of the convicted.

Prop 64 & the Criminally Convicted

Under Prop 64, individuals serving criminal sentences for activities made legal under the measure became eligible for resentencing. This rule means that those charged with marijuana possession or cultivation are eligible for resentencing (depending on the original amount of marijuana possessed or cultivated).

What’s more, Assembly Bill 1793 made an adjustment to Prop 64, speeding up the process of identifying, reviewing, and notifying individuals who may be eligible for the dismissal of marijuana-related convictions. All that to say, now is the time to hire an experienced marijuana attorney for you or a loved one’s case!

Get Representation for Your Resentencing

The resentencing process is excellent, but it’s also complicated. Those who were previously charged and convicted for possession or cultivation may have simultaneously faced other criminal charges, which means resentencing may impact only a portion of their crimes.

This is why anyone up for resentencing should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney for their case.

Going before a judge on your own may not be a wise choice, especially if you have multiple convictions made against you. A San Bernadino resentencing attorney can help you or a loved one get the most out of the resentencing process.

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