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How to Hide an Arrest Record

Did you know that, whether convicted for the crime or not, an arrest may appear on someone’s record? This fact means that when an employer does a background check on someone, his or her arrest record may show up on file, which may impact the employer’s feelings about hiring the person in question.

However, hiding an arrest record may be possible with the right help.

Sealing an Arrest Record with No Conviction

You may be surprised to learn that certain people’s arrest records may be sealed as a matter of right (automatically) as long as they petition for its concealment.

People who typically qualify for a matter of right record seal have:

  • No criminal charges;
  • Criminal charges that were filed but later dismissed;
  • A “not guilty” verdict in a jury trial;
  • A vacated or overturned appeal;
  • Completed a pretrial diversion or pre-sentencing program.

If your criminal history is like one of the scenarios mentioned above, you most likely have the right to seal your arrest record as a matter of right. If you need help creating a petition, or need backup at a record sealing hearing, our trusted record sealing attorney is here for you.

Expungements & Criminal Convictions

If you or a loved one were convicted of a criminal act, you would not qualify for arrest record sealing because only those innocent of crimes can seal their arrest records. However, you can pursue an expungement of your conviction. Contact our firm if you’d like to learn more about expunging convictions.

Need Help Sealing Your Record?

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