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3 Sex Crimes You Wouldn't Think You Could Be Accused Of

A long weekend of hanging out with friends, partying, and having fun is finally over. You recall all the memories you made and the people you met and wish you could do it all over again.


You get back to work that week and go about your everyday life again so that you can have another great weekend the next time around. Suddenly, and almost instantly, you find yourself being arrested and charged with a crime.


You didn’t blackout over the weekend. You remember everything. You’re racking your brain thinking of what could have possibly gone wrong over such a seemingly light-hearted weekend. The police inform you of the crime you’re being charged with; your heart sinks and your head is in a whirlwind of confusion.


Many people find themselves charged with sex crimes that they had absolutely no idea they could be charged with. Here are 3 sex crimes in California that you may have not even have known that you committed.

1. Indecent exposure

California Penal Code 314 PC prohibits indecent exposure, which involves exposing your genitals to someone else willfully with the motivation to sexually gratify yourself or someone else.


Even though you may have not done it with this intention, you may be charged because of evidence that attempts to prove this motivation. Some common examples that may lead to a charge of indecent exposure include:

  • A woman flashing her breasts to her boyfriend

  • Urinating in public (having one’s genitals in clear view)

  • Flashing your genitals at someone walking by


Many times, people do not think twice about how these actions could lead to a sex crime charge and possibly having to register as a sex offender for life. The first charge of indecent exposure could be a misdemeanor. After that, an individual could be charged with a felony, put in state prison, and be required to register with the Sex Offender Registry.

2. Taking Photos of Yourself If You’re Underage

If you took explicit photos of yourself as a minor and have sent those photos to someone else, you could be charged with a sex crime. This is commonly associated with “sexting” among teenagers.


A 2016 study by The Journal of American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law found that anywhere between 4 and 25 percent of minors have “sexted,” depending on a variety of factors including the age of the youths surveyed, the content of the messages, and other factors.


Sending explicit photos of someone under 18 years old, even if that person is YOU, means you could be charged with child pornography distribution according to California Penal Code Section 311.1, 311.2, which involves knowingly sending, transporting, producing, possessing or duplicating child pornography with intent to distribute.


If you’re charged for this crime, you could face up to 1 year in county jail or state prison, a fine of up to $2,000, or both. The judge could fine you up to $50,000 if you have a similar previous charge.

3. Receiving Explicit Photos of a Minor

Receiving explicit photos of someone under 18, even if you are also under 18, can have serious consequences under the law.


Having explicit photos of someone under 18 years old on your phone means someone could be charged with child pornography possession, according to California Penal Code Section 311.1, 311.2.


For parents, this means that your child could be charged with a felony, have to pay a fine of $2,500, be sentenced to state prison for 1 year, and be required to register under the Sex Offender Registry for life.

Are All Sex Crimes Treated Equally?

While all sex crimes are serious and can result in life-altering consequences, they are all charged and treated differently in the courtroom. Sex crimes are classified differently, and the sentencing guidelines differ for each classification. An experienced criminal defense attorney can explain more about your options after hearing the details of your case.


While many of these crimes do not seem very serious, the charges can be devastating to an individual’s future and have the power to put a person on a Sex Offender Registry, which is available to the public.


We know this can all be a bit confusing, especially if you had no idea what you were doing was illegal. That is why our firm is here to help. We can help you understand what you are dealing with and what you should expect in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Why You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Mark Raymond McDonald rarely takes a seemingly true statement from a victim as fact. Instead, he will gather all facts from each person’s story, then investigate the underlying claim and motive.


Dealing with sex crimes can be stressful and confusing if you are doing it alone. Remember that one of the best ways to fight severe charges, especially those dealing with sex crimes, is to hire a reputable criminal defense attorney. You are more likely to get a favorable outcome with a diligent and experienced attorney at your side in court.


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