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Improving the Odds of Expunging a Criminal Charge

Do you remember your permanent public-school record, the one that stored your grades and your behavioral issues? Unfortunately, a criminal record is a lot like your old permanent record, it follows you around and haunts you wherever you go. Fortunately, a San Bernardino criminal defense attorney is here to share with you how you can increase your chances of expunging your history.

Increasing Your Chances

Follow Probation Requirements

Probation can be a burden, but following probationary requirements can boost your chances of obtaining an expungement for your charge. Therefore, it’s important that you understand the rules of your probation, and that you follow them to best of your ability.

Complete Diversion Programs

In some circumstances, a judge may order you to complete a diversion program to fight a specific charge (going to rehab for a drug charge.) If you finish the diversion program, you may be able to seal your criminal charge.

Reduce Felony Charges to Misdemeanor Charge

If you were convicted of a felony wobbler, having it expunged outright is possible, but it’s difficult. The best course of action is to have it expunged to a misdemeanor, and then later expunge the misdemeanor entirely. While this process takes time, it’s still better than having a felony on your record.

Need Help Filing an Expungement?

If you or a loved one needs help filing an expungement, our firm is here! Mark Raymond McDonald is an experienced trial attorney with decades of representation on his side. If you want criminal defense that makes a difference, you want Mark Raymond McDonald.

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