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California Resentencing Law May Help a Loved One

California had a goal of lessening prison populations by resentencing those convicted of non-violent crimes, and it accomplished this goal by implementing Prop 47; unfortunately, there are still eligible convicts out there.

Prop 47 reduces the sentences of those convicted of felony charges to misdemeanors, and consequently, changes the sentence (criminal penalties) according to misdemeanor guidelines. Cases that qualify include nonviolent theft or drug cases, but talking to an experienced San Bernadino criminal defense attorney is essential when determining if a loved one’s case qualifies for resentencing.

Impact on Families

This law provides good news for California families who have incarcerated loved ones and can additionally help newly convicted criminals from receiving felony penalties. However, case modifications are not automatic, and it is still a good idea to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney like Mark Raymond McDonald for a resentencing hearing.

What Prop 47 Allows

The new law targets nonviolent offenders prosecuted as felons at the lowest level. It intends to relieve California’s justice of those who are over-prosecuted, which means the material evidence used by the state in achieving the initial conviction is crucial in determining a new sentence. In short, prop 47 gives certain felons a second-chance in court.

What the Bill Accomplishes

The state initially received over 200,000 petitions for reclassifications during the first year of its existence. While every request has its “day in court,” the reclassification process does not automatically change a felon’s case, and that’s why hiring an experienced attorney can help a loved one get the outcome he or she deserves.

All California families with incarcerated loved ones should consult a criminal defense lawyer like Mark Raymond McDonald regarding felony reevaluation under the Prop 47 resentencing law. Who knows, good news might be just around the corner for you and your family!

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