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Obtaining a California Restricted License

A majority of Californians commute to work, which means a driver’s license is a necessity for many jobs. Unfortunately, some criminal convictions can result in having your license suspended or revoked by California authorities. If you have had your license take away after a criminal conviction, there is still hope thanks to California restricted licenses.

What Is a Restricted License?

A California restricted license is a driver’s license that is available to Californians who have had their license suspended or revoked as a result of a driving while under the influence (DUI) conviction or for missing or losing a DMV hearing.

A restricted license is just that: a driver’s license that permits travel to a few select locations.

A restricted license lets you travel to the following:

  • To and from work;
  • For work-related purposes during a workday;
  • To and from alcohol school.

If you are caught driving to a different location than what’s stated above, you could be charged for driving on a suspended license.

Steps to Obtaining a Restricted License

Before you can obtain a restricted license, you’ll have to wait a suspension period of one month after your license is suspended (for a first-time DUI). The suspension period increases for multiple DUI convictions.

Once your suspension period is over, you must do the following to obtain a restricted license:

  • Enroll in an approved alcohol school;
  • Obtain an SR-22 proof of insurance; and
  • Play a $125 fee.

Need Help Obtaining a Restricted License?

If you or a loved one needs a restricted license but aren’t sure what you need to do next, attorney Mark Raymond McDonald is here to help! Attorney McDonald is known for serving clients with compassion and respect, dedicating himself to obtaining an outcome that is in your best interest.

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