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Can Your Probation be Terminated Early?

Being on probation is costly and inconvenient. In addition to the extra surveillance and indignity of reporting to an officer, there are very real costs. In many jurisdictions, people have to pay a fee for the supervision of a PO. They also often have to miss work or other events to attend the mandatory meetings.

There are many reasons to want to terminate your probationary period early. However, making this happen requires significant effort as well as the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Understanding the Termination Process

Typically, courts sentence people to a specific term of surveillance. If you meet all of the terms that the court has set for you, it is finished at the end of the specified time period. People usually are not given shortened sentences for good behavior. Even if you behave well and have a great relationship with your PO, it simply is not within his or her control.

Petitioning Courts to Terminate Probation

The first step to getting your freedom back is to behave well and follow the terms laid out by the courts. You have a higher chance of success if you do more than the bare minimum and show yourself as an exemplary citizen in a variety of ways. In addition, you should document the costs and other inconveniences that are imposed on your life through your ongoing supervision. In general, the steps to petition courts successfully are as follows:

  • Serve at least half of your assigned time
  • File paperwork asking for a special hearing
  • Develop a convincing argument that you are truly so exceptional that you deserve special treatment
  • Make your case to the court

An experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential to this process. They know what arguments the court will find more convincing and other ways to build your case.

Other Options for Getting Your Life Back

Unfortunately, most people who attempt this process alone are denied. Courts do not want to place anyone in an impossible situation. However, they are reluctant to change a sentence once it has been passed, even for someone who has had consistently good behavior. Getting an experienced attorney is the first step to terminating your probationary period early.

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