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The Death Penalty in California is Dead

Having a death penalty satisfies the primal human urge for revenge. Unfortunately, nobody is ever executed in California. Thus, the primal urge is never satisfied. The death row inmate lives a privilaged life compared to all of the other inmates, a huge irony in itself. The cost of keeping 700+ inmated on death row for 25 years is costing California tens of billions of dollars annually. We are releasing dangerous criminals on the the street despite their sentence, Why? Prisons are too crowded and the state can't afford to buiild more. At the end of the day, the public is being victimized by released, dangerous criminals, just so we can maitain a death row where no one is ever executed. California's stance, both within its government and across the populace, on the death penalty turns logic completely on its head. Maybe legislation should be drafted transferring all of the condemned inmates to Texas, in exchange for some payment from California to Texas. There, they would be executed. California could clear its death row and build needed prisons. Just a thought.