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Does unemployment cause people to choose crime?

With unemployment at an all time high, with the crash of the market, housing prices at there lowest, people have become desperate to stay afloat. Is it true that some people choose crime rather than legitimate work because of an expectation that they can make more money from crime and/or because they find it more rewarding in other ways? (Katz, 1989; Bourgois, 1995). If employed, does a lack of income cause individuals to take from their employer? An employee that takes anything from their employer may be guilty of Embezzlement. What we are seeing in many cases are that individuals are chosing to use take from their employers in order to compensate for their lack of income. Just the other day, I had an individual visit the office and was arrested after a vehicle stop. The officer searched his vehicle and found three pounds of meat that had apparently been taken from the business. This meat was needed to feed his family. The individual was cited for petty theft. The client explained that his hours were cut and he was not able to purchase meat for his family. The need to feed his family was greater than his loyalty to his work. A desperate man, trying to keep his family happy by keeping food on the table. Now he is facing jail time and fines.

We believe there is a relationship between employment and crime. Not every person has the propensity to commit a crime. Crimes occur because of one's propensity to do so, coupled with opportunity. Do you know anyone that has commited a crime, just to keep food on the table?