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If you or someone you love is facing a criminal charge in San Bernardino County, it is imperative that you act quickly and get a criminal lawyer to protect your rights and interests. Experience at trial is a critical factor when choosing the lawyer to serve you. Mark Raymond McDonald formerly served in the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, and later in the Special Prosecution Unit. This experience and background, as well as his experience serving at trial - over 250 jury trials - can serve you well.

He is focused solely on criminal defense and should evaluate your situation on an immediate basis. Exercise your constitutional rights and remain silent. Do not answer questions from law enforcement until you are protected by a San Bernardino County criminal lawyer from the firm.

Sex Crime Defense

His firm defends a wide range of serious felony crimes, as well as misdemeanors. If you have been accused of committing child molestation, rape or other sex offenses, it is imperative that you have defense counsel with a great depth of experience and a proven success rate at trial. Sex crimes are tough cases to defend, and there can be a natural bias against the accused, even when the person is completely innocent. There will be extreme damage to your life and future if convicted, including being required to register as a sex offender for most sex crimes. The firm will carefully evaluate every detail of the evidence. Don't risk your future freedom or allow your rights to be compromised. Call the firm for immediate assistance.

DUI Charges in San Bernardino County

He also defends against all DUI and vehicular manslaughter charges, and will manage every detail of the case, from the case in criminal court through to presenting a case to the DMV regarding licensing. A conviction on vehicular manslaughter, under the state's sentencing guidelines, can lead to up to 10 years in state prison. The California Penal Code § 191.5 (2011) outlines the various types of vehicular manslaughter, and which cases will be prosecuted as a felony based upon gross negligence. The attorney can take action for the defense immediately after an arrest.

One of the most common charges filed in San Bernardino County are those involving accusations of domestic violence. The courts take a hard line when it is believed that violent acts are either threatened or have taken place. There are many cases in which the individual who has been arrested did not commit the offense, was defending themselves, or could have access to the option of alternative sentencing. No matter what the situation, the firm can assist.

Drug Crimes

In cases of drug offenses, including drug possession and medical marijuana cases, the charges will be based upon the type of drug, the quantity of drug and other factors such as proximity to schools or parks as well as possession of drug paraphernalia used trafficking. Law enforcement officers make mistakes - ensure that your case is fully reviewed by the attorney at the firm before making a decision about your plea or a strategy.

Violent Crimes and the Three Strikes Law

The California three strikes law can impact sentencing in a conviction. A third violent offense has the potential for 25 years to life in prison. Any violent crime with firearm/weapons charges, homicide cases such as murder or manslaughter are extremely dangerous and demand the highest quality defense. Contact the firm if you are the target of an investigation in any violent or weapon crime. The firm also represents individuals in expungements, federal crimes, felonies of all types, juvenile crimes, either felony or misdemeanor, and theft crimes of all types.

White Collar Crimes in San Bernardino County, CA

The attorney has great experience in white collar crimes including identity theft, all types of fraud, including bank fraud, health care fraud, insurance fraud, credit card fraud and embezzlement, among others. His skills can serve you if you are concerned about Marsy's Law, motions, matters involving probation & parole, securities violations and writs & appeals. The firm is highly qualified, extremely experienced, and known for getting deeply personally involved in crafting the best defense possible for clients.

If you are caught in the justice system on a criminal charge, you need to know that your defense attorney will be personally committed to you, your cause and your freedom. The most urgent issue is to get defense counsel fighting for you as soon as you have been arrested. It is imperative that you have your defense lawyer at your side at every interrogation or court hearing, whether the arraignment, bail hearing or pre-trial hearing. There are a great number of factors that could go off the rails and permanently damage your case. Take action and get legal protection that knows how to defend a case in court.

Mark Raymond McDonald will help you fight back in court. Serving all of San Bernardino County.