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Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney for Riverside, California

Being accused of a crime can be a frightening, confusing, and frustrating experience for both the accused individual and his or her family. It is always in your best interests to engage the services of a skilled and reliable defense attorney. If you live or work in Riverside and you are facing a criminal investigation or criminal charges, it is highly recommended that you contact the Riverside criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Attorney Mark Raymond McDonald has been practicing law as a Riverside criminal defense attorney since 1990 and can provide you with skilled and aggressive representation. The best time to consult with him is early in your case, even before you have been questioned by law enforcement. That way he can ensure that your constitutional rights are fully protected and that you are treated in a fair manner.

When you work with Riverside criminal defense lawyer McDonald and his staff, you will be involved with the creation of your defense strategy and how it is implemented. The firm treats you as a client as well as the most important component in your defense team. It is important to understand all the aspects of your legal defense and the court processes along with their consequences.

The firm handles criminal cases of all kinds, whether a felony, misdemeanor, federal crime, juvenile crime, homicide, DUI, or white collar crime. When it comes to your defense, don't try to do it yourself. Let the Riverside criminal defense attorney at the firm provide you with the experienced legal assistance you need.

If you are facing a criminal investigation or criminal charges in Riverside, contact the Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer at the firm for a consultation about your case today!