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Riverside County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Charged with a crime in Riverside County?

If you are searching for a skilled Riverside County criminal defense lawyer, it can be difficult to determine who to contact. Your decision is of great importance to your future. Any serious criminal charge should be defended by a highly skilled and experienced criminal attorney if you are hoping to avoid a conviction.

Mark Raymond McDonald is a former prosecutor who served as a trial lawyer for the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, and later in the Special Prosecutions Unit. This experience has been invaluable with regard to defending criminal charges. When he went into private practice, he chose to get involved in defending those who are facing the most difficult of all situations - criminal charges. You can be confident that you will be represented by a highly qualified and experienced criminal trial lawyer that knows how to craft a defense case and make room for reasonable doubt.

The first and most urgent action to take is to contact the firm for more information and assistance. Do not answer any questions, don't try to explain what happened, and don't appear in court for any reason without first getting counsel to protect you. One of the most common errors is a suspect trying to convince law enforcement that they were not responsible for the crime (even when they are completely innocent) or any information about the incident.

Without an attorney present, you could damage your own defense case. Everything you say can and will be held against you, and this is a true fact. Your demeanor, your attitude, your words, all of these can be twisted to give more evidence of guilt. You have a constitutional right to remain silent, and to an attorney and you need to exercise that right. Just be very certain that you have experience on your side.

DUI Charges, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence, and Drug Crime Defense in Riverside County

The firm provides defense counsel in a wide range of criminal charges, including sex crime defense, including cases of criminal accusations of child molestation, other sex offenses, and rape. He can get involved in defending DUI and vehicular manslaughter charges, including representation at the DMV regarding your driver's license. The firm also defends clients facing criminal accusations in domestic violence cases.

These are some of the most commonly filed charges in Riverside County. When a domestic situation gets out of hand and police are called, they have little choice other than to arrest the person accused of committing an act of violence, or of threatening violence. Even if there has been no actual assault, charges will be filed.

The repercussions can be very serious in a conviction, including jail or prison time, loss of access to your children unless chaperoned, intervention by child protective services, loss of access to your own home, your personal possessions, and the requirement to attend anger management classes. There are also personal repercussions - your reputation can be compromised, even if you are only charged and not convicted. Take action now, before the case progresses further.

Criminal Lawyer in Riverside County: Experience at Trial

The firm also represents the accused in all types of drug offenses, including drug possession, medical marijuana cases and others, including cultivation, manufacturing, trafficking and prescription drug crimes, whether filed in state or federal court. California law is not soft on drug offenders. With the right drug in the right amount, you could face very extensive penalties. The firm also is involved in pursuing expungements, and can defend again federal crimes, whether a drug crime, white collar crime or other offense. Mr. McDonald defends both felonies and misdemeanors, including firearm/ weapons charges, cases of homicide, and three strikes offenses. He is also committed to pursuing the best possible case outcome in all types of juvenile crimes.

Some people are concerned about divulging embarrassing or humiliated information in court, and if this is the case, you may have recourse under Marsy's Law, which is intended to protect victims. Call the firm if you have this concern. The attorney can assist in filing motions of all types, in matters involving probation & parole, and defends both misdemeanor and felony theft crimes.

With his experience and background, he is well versed in how to best defend against financial crimes, either in state or federal court, and all white collar crimes, including identity theft, securities violations, embezzlement and others. If you need assistance in writs & appeals, not all law firms have the skills to prepare an appeal that the courts will accept. Act quickly before the time to file expires.

The firm is extremely experienced, dedicated and aggressive in court. Creative defense strategies are often employed, and the attorney has achieved many notable victories in difficult felony criminal trials. Ensure that you have representation that knows how to fight back successfully. Contact the firm immediately after an arrest, or if you are currently under investigation for a state or federal crime.

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