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Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense Attorney

Arrested and charged in Rancho Cucamonga?

Are you in trouble with the law in the Rancho Cucamonga area? Being caught in the justice system is extremely dangerous. Once you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you have little choice but to seek out the best possible criminal defense lawyer, if you hope to avoid a conviction. Mark Raymond McDonald is recognized throughout the Rancho Cucamonga area as a top criminal trial lawyer with a great depth of knowledge and experience at trial.

He formerly served in the Riverside County District Attorney's Office and later in the Special Prosecution Unit serving the office in white collar crime prosecution. His depth of experience and knowledge of how the system works and how to navigate each step of a defense can serve you and your interests well. If you are searching for a Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense lawyer, get in touch with his office immediately after your arrest. If you are being investigated in criminal case, whether a violent crime, felonies or misdemeanors, fast action must be taken for your defense.

He is highly qualified in all aspects of criminal defense including sex crimes such as child molestation, other sex offenses, such as rape. Any sex crime is dangerous, and even if you are innocent of the charges, you can face very heavy consequences, both personally and professionally. The firm provides the highest level of confidentiality and acts quickly in taking strategic defense actions.

The attorney also defends against DUI and vehicular manslaughter, and can represent you at a DMV hearing regarding your license, which is necessary if you hope to retain your license. They also offer defense counsel in criminal accusations of domestic violence, whether misdemeanor or felony, as well as all types of drug offenses, including drug possession, medical marijuana cases, and cases involving meth, ecstasy, manufacturing, cultivation, trafficking, transportation and drug crime charges filed in federal court.

Should you have a criminal record that has left you with a barrier to employment or is affecting your reputation, the firm can help you get your criminal record cleared and is very familiar with the processes involved in expungements. Federal crimes, such as white collar crimes, identity theft, and securities violations must be defended by a highly qualified defense lawyer. Mark Raymond McDonald has the background prosecuting these cases that gives him a great depth of insight in how to make room for reasonable doubt. Federal court is extremely dangerous; the penalties are more extensive and the system has some of the top prosecutors in the country. Don't take chances if your case is filed in federal court - call the firm immediately for assistance.

Violent Crimes and the Three Strikes Law

California lawmakers have passed a statute that enhances punishments in all types of violent crimes, and if you are facing any firearm/ weapons charges, are a suspect in a homicide case, you will be subject to the three strikes law and the penalties that could be imposed. With a prior criminal record the situation is full of risk and the threat of decades in state prison. How your case is defended is the most important issue, as those who work within the system are aware. The skill with which your case is presented to the court will impact the outcome - get a true legal professional from the firm on your side immediately.

Mr. McDonald also serves families whose children have been arrested and charged with juvenile crimes. Young people can have their future hopes and opportunities completely destroyed if the case is not managed with great skill. If you are a crime victim and are concerned about testifying due to the impact it could have on your life, the firm can assist you to protect your rights under Marsy's Law. He also can assist in the filing of pre-trial motions or other actions before and during the criminal process. If your legal situation involves violations or concerns about probation & parole, he is very familiar with state and federal sentencing guidelines and protecting the rights of his clients in every type of situation.

The firm can offer professional defense counsel in a wide range of theft crimes, including misdemeanor and felony shoplifting, burglary, robbery, carjacking, grand theft auto, petty theft, grand theft and embezzlement, or others. The attorney can serve you if you have need of legal representation in writs & appeals, and is extremely professional in all these matters. He is frequently called upon by other firms to assist in defending a criminal case or in the appeals process, and you can contact the firm directly.

Get a Rancho Cucamonga criminal attorney on your side that knows how to fight in court.