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Palm Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

Defense Lawyer for Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses in Palm Springs

When criminal charges are filed against you or someone you love, the first and most critical issue is your criminal defense. Mark Raymond McDonald is recognized as a top defense lawyer with an impressive court record in difficult cases. Whether your charges are related to DUI and vehicular manslaughter, a DMV matter surrounding a criminal traffic offense, or theft crimes such as burglary, robbery, shoplifting, petty theft or grand theft, you need the best possible defense counsel on your side at once.

The attorney at served as a trial lawyer for the District Attorney's Office in Riverside County and later advanced to the Special Prosecution Unit. His depth of understanding of the criminal justice process can be of great benefit in defending your case. He knows how the prosecution develops a case; he knows how to challenge evidence; and he can present a persuasive defense case to a jury, all of which is extremely important if you hope to avoid the severe penalties that could be imposed upon you in a conviction.

Sex Crimes, Violent Crimes and the Three Strikes Law

Any sex crime can be extremely difficult. There is a natural bias, both in the culture and in the justice system, against those who are believed to have committed sex crimes such as child molestation, rape or other sex offenses. The penalties imposed in a conviction can include the requirement to register as a sex offender, making your photo, address, the crime and other information available to the public. It is imperative that you have legal representation that will fight for every possible advantage for you, and the first step is a full analysis of your case.

Violent crimes are also heavily punished under state sentencing guidelines, and firearm/ weapons charges, any type of homicide, whether manslaughter or murder, can bring the three strikes law into play. The penalties are enhanced in violent and weapon crimes. Don't take chances with your future - get a highly experienced, aggressive Palm Springs criminal defense attorney from the firm on your side immediately.

Drug Crimes, Federal Crimes, and White Collar Crimes in Palm Springs, CA

If you are facing charges of domestic violence, whether true or false, the damage to your personal and professional reputation can be extensive, even without a conviction. Fast, effective defense action is necessary if you hope to avoid a conviction. The attorney will identify the best course of action for you in your case, and whether you are accused of drug offenses, such as drug possession, medical marijuana cases, trafficking, cultivation, manufacture or transportation of controlled substances, he should get involved at once.

Mark Raymond McDonald defends both state and federal crimes and has the experience you need on your side in both felonies and misdemeanors. He provides counsel in expungements, juvenile crimes and in protecting victim's rights under Marsy's Law. He can serve you and y our interests in filing motions, issues involving probation & parole and in all white collar crimes, including identity theft, securities violations and fraud crimes.

He is often called upon to file writs & appeals and has a great depth of skill and understanding of all the processes necessary in these difficult legal matters. Even if another attorney has turned you down, or has told you to "just plead guilty", you deserve to have your case reviewed by a defense lawyer that knows how to identify the flaws in a case, and what defense strategy with best serve you.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Palm Springs

The firm is recognized for getting results, and each case the attorney takes on is carefully and professional managed throughout every step of the criminal justice process. Never take chances if you are facing charges, or are the target of a police investigation. You have the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney - exercise your rights and call upon the firm for assistance in your case.

You need to know that your attorney will be personally involved in defending you and will seek out every possible advantage, whether in a case dismissal, reduced charges, alternative sentencing or in the pursuit of a favorable verdict at trial. With extensive experience and impressive court record, Mark Raymond McDonald should discuss your case with you at once.

Get professional defense counsel from the firm. Palm Springs criminal lawyer Mark Raymond McDonald knows the justice system and can fight for every advantage for you.