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Violent Crime, Theft Crime, White Collar Offenses, Juvenile Crime and Sex Crime Defense in Moreno Valley

There are few more dangerous and frightening situations than being accused of a criminal offense. Once you have been charged, it can be assumed that the prosecutor believes there is enough evidence to convict you. How the defense of the case is managed is of critical concern; even an innocent person can be sentenced to jail or prison when the defense case is weak. You want the best possible defender on your side from the moment of your arrest. If you are targeted by law enforcement in a criminal investigation, exercise your right to remain silent, as an arrest will likely take place within a short period of time. The quality and experience of defense counsel is extremely important, as all that work in the justice system are aware. A weakly presented defense case usually ends in a conviction. You want an aggressive, intelligent and persuasive Moreno Valley criminal defense attorney managing your case from the outset.

Former Prosecutor: Moreno Valley Criminal Defense Attorney

Mark Raymond McDonald has a background serving in the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, and later in the Special Prosecutions Unit. With countless criminal trials under his belt, he is highly proficient in presenting a well documented, persuasive case for the defense. His case results in difficult criminal cases are exceptional.

Contact the firm immediately for assistance in your criminal defense. Whether your case involves a DUI and vehicular manslaughter, you need help with a DMV hearing involving your license, or you are facing sex crime charges such as child molestation or charges on other sex offenses such as rape, he will act at once on your behalf.

Violent Crime Defense - The Three Strikes Law

California courts heavily punish all violent crimes, and the three strikes law can be a serious problem if you have a prior criminal record. If you are accused of committing any crime of domestic violence, a violent crime that includes firearm/ weapons charges, a homicide, whether manslaughter or murder, you must act at once and get representation to help you fight back.

He defends those who are accused of felonies, misdemeanors and young people facing charges in juvenile crimes. All serious criminal charges are dangerous, and it can be assumed that it is considered that there is sufficient evidence to convict if you have been arrested. Even if you are innocent, it is not enough to assume you will be found not guilty. You need top quality defense counsel immediately.

The firm is very experienced in defending against all types of drug offenses, including but not limited to drug possession and all types of medical marijuana cases. Whether you are interested in expungements, are facing charges in federal crimes or need legal counsel to protect you under Marsy's Law, he can assist you. He can file motions such a motion to dismiss if it is considered that the evidence is insufficient or flawed, or if police overstepped the bounds of the law in collecting evidence. He can assist in all matters involving violations of probation & parole or writs & appeals in cases of a miscarriage of justice.

If you or a loved one is accused of being involved in theft crimes, either misdemeanor or felony, fast action must be taken for the defense. Charges of shoplifting, breaking and entering, burglary, robbery, carjacking or other types of theft crimes can have serious consequences, including a long jail or prison term and restitution. How your case is managed could not be more important with regard to your future freedom.

The firm takes on cases fully dedicated to pursuing the best possible outcome, no matter how serious the case may appear. A full analysis of the situation, the evidence, police activities and procedures must be undertaken at once. The firm also represents those who are under investigation or charged with serious white collar crimes, including identity theft, securities violations and other charged filed in state or federal court. Mr. McDonald's background in prosecuting white collar crimes can be of great value to you if you are facing any financial crime.

If you or someone you love is in trouble with the law, you want the best opportunity to fight back. Your future freedom and your rights must be fought for by a professional, creative and aggressive defense lawyer that is prepared to do the hard work necessary to identify the best course of action. Your choice of defense lawyers matters. Call upon the firm for defense counsel that will make the right moves for you in your case.

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