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Prop 64 Reduction & Seal Marijuana Convictions

Proposition 64, approved by the voters on November 8, 2016, provides a legal procedure for reducing certain previous marijuana-related felony and misdemeanor convictions to misdemeanors or infractions. In some cases, simple marijuana possession convictions can be completely removed (or expunged) from your record.

An eligible prior marijuana-related felony conviction can be reduced under Proposition 64 even if you are currently serving a sentence in the case. However, your case may not be eligible to be reduced or expunged under Proposition 64 if you have any prior convictions for certain serious and/or violent felony offenses, if you are required to register as a sex offender, or if you have multiple prior convictions for certain marijuana-related offenses. If you are currently incarcerated, the court may also consider any risk to public safety in determining whether to resentence you in the case.

The following prior marijuana-related offenses are currently eligible to be reduced to misdemeanors or infractions (or possibly for complete expungement) if your sentence has been completed. If you are currently serving a sentence (including a term of probation, parole, mandatory supervision or post-release community supervision) due to a marijuana-related conviction, you may be eligible for resentencing in addition to having the charge reduced.

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