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Writs and Appeals

San Bernardino Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Criminal Appeals are a specialty in criminal law. Appeals lawyers have to have excellent research and writing skills, and be able to show courts of appeals where errors were made during a trial. This experienced San Bernardino Criminal Appeals attorney has handled lots of appeals and has the kind of experience you need in such a complicated area.

There are two main grounds for appealing a decision: evidence in the trial court was insufficient to justify the judgment/verdict or errors of law were committed.

An appeal is a proceeding by which a case is brought from a lower court to a higher court for rehearing or reconsideration after a judgment has been given by the lower court. The higher or appellate court, may sustain, reverse, or modify the decision. Most appeals are limited to a review of the record from the lower court. Parties cannot introduce new evidence and are limited to what was said and introduced at the original proceeding/trial. The appellate court reviews the lower court's application of the law to the facts as presented.

If you or a loved one needs legal assistance for a writ or appeal concerning a criminal case, you will need a highly-qualified criminal defense lawyer. It is highly recommended that you contact the San Bernardino county criminal appeals attorney at the firm so that he can review your case and determine what specific legal steps need to be taken on your behalf. The firm serves clients throughout all of San Bernardino county.

The most important act in an appeal is the timely filing of the notice of appeal. This notice must be filed before the time expires. There are many time limits and regulations in proceeding with an appeal. Failure to meet some time limits may result in dismissal of your appeal.

A writ is an order from a higher court to a lower court. A defendant may seek a writ from an appellate judge applied to a trial court or lower court. Writs, like appeals, involve complex legal work and a defendant who may be entitled to take a writ needs the services of a competent criminal defense attorney.

To learn more about the regulations and rules regarding writs and appeals, please consult with the San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer at the firm. He will advise you on all aspects of these procedures.

Do you need a writ or an appeal for a criminal case? Contact the San Bernardino criminal defense attorney at the firm today! Your consultation is free.