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San Bernardino White Collar Crime Attorney

Fighting White Collar Crimes Throughout San Bernardino

White Collar crimes are those involving “paper.” By paper, the law enforcement types are referring to cases involving things such as real estate fraud, Ponzi schemes, bank fraud, racketeering, securities fraud (state and federal), tax fraud, large scale counterfeiting operations, conspiracy, political corruption, and the list goes on.

White collar cases are state or federal in nature, and generally involve losses exceeding one million dollars. Defending these cases again requires a San Bernardino white collar crime attorney who has a very good working knowledge of fourth amendment issues, wiretaps and paper trails. White collar cases are often broken open through the use of an inside informant, someone in the organization who “rolls” on others in exchange for leniency. White collar offenses are subject to sentence enhancements which, in addition to the basic penalties, can amount to sentences in the dozens of years!

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Get an Experienced White Collar Crime Lawyer on Your Side

If you are charged with or being investigated for a securities law violation, it is absolutely essential that you have a lawyer well versed in the ins and outs of securities law, It is extremely complicated, with many technicalities. A San Bernardino white collar crime lawyer who understands them can use them to your benefit.

Mark McDonald, while a prosecutor, tried many of these cases, as well as other white collar offenses. For the past 19 years, he has defended them, armed with in intimate understanding of the prosecutor’s thought process. This is invaluable to you.

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