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Burglary Attorney in San Bernardino

Commercial Burglary Charges in California

Misdemeanor burglary is charged when a person enters a store while intending to shoplift. If the decision to shoplift is made after the person enters the store, it is not a burglary, but simply a theft. Stealing a car stereo out of a car is a form of misdemeanor burglary. These are known a “commercial burglaries.” A commercial burglary can certainly be a felony, depending upon the value of the loss. A $900 loss is currently the cutoff between a misdemeanor and a felony.

Residential Burglary Defense Lawyer

“Residential Burglary” is far more serious, because the crime carries the obvious risk to human life, if a homeowner decides to resist the break-in. A “residence” for this crime is not restricted to just a house. It can be a boat, motorhome, garage, or arguably any place a person might be expected to live.

Residential burglary is a “strike” in California, and if there is an occupant inside the home when the break in occurs, the burglary is then also a “violent” felony. As a strike, the burglary will cause your sentence to be doubled on the next felony you commit. If shown to be a violent felony, you will have to serve 85% of your prison sentence before being released, as opposed to 50% if the burglary is of a residence where no one is home. It is important to know that just because a home or other living place is currently empty, it is still a felony residential burglary.

The Penalties for Burglary: Don't Take Your Charges Lightly

Burglary, especially residential, is taken very seriously and can occur WHENEVER a person enters a living place with the intention of committing ANY felony, not just theft. In fact, if a person breaks into a house while intending to rape the person inside, the sentence can be life in prison.

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