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San Bernardino Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer

Federal Criminal Defense Requires Specialized Experience!

Federal criminal defense is very different from state criminal defense. The rules of procedure are different, and the court process requires a particular understanding of Grand Jury procedure which is not usually part of state prosecutions. The sentencing rules are very different, and require a clear understanding of how trials and federal sentencing work.

San Bernardino county cases usually are prosecuted in the federal court in Riverside. Many involve drug issues, tax issues, fraud and money laundering. This is no place for your to go it alone.You need a lawyer who practices in the federal arena, and knows the process.

Sentences in the federal system can be severe if the charge is not well defended from the beginning. This experienced federal crimes defense lawyer has handled many federal criminal cases in San Bernardino county, with great outcomes.

Federal criminal defense requires expert knowledge of constitutional law and how wire-tapping laws and protections might affect your case. The ability to write and argue compelling motions regarding illegal wire-taps, search warrants, etc. is often the difference between you having your case dismissed and you spending many years in federal prison.

Consult with our lawyer if you have a federal matter arising in San Bernardino county. I have helped countless defendants out of their problems with the federal government, and I can help you.

If you have been asked to be interviewed by federal authorities, or have been indicted or charged with a federal crime, let me give you my opinion on your case. It will be based upon more than 20 years of experience in criminal law and may very well be your way out of trouble.

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