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DMV Hearings

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If you are facing a driver's license suspension after a DUI or for any other reason, you may have to appear at a DMV hearing. If you would like legal assistance with your hearing, please contact the San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald as soon as possible. DMV hearings may concern license suspension for a DUI, negligent operator driver's license suspension, medical suspension, juvenile suspensions, or senior driver license suspensions.

DMV Hearing for a DUI

After confiscating the arrestee's license and serving him or her with an order of suspension, the arresting officer will complete a document entitled "Officer's Statement-Admin Per Se." This one-page form sets forth the bare minimum facts necessary for the DMV to suspend the license: observing of driving (or statutory exceptions), probable cause, and breath test results.

The document is signed under oath by the arresting officer and, if applicable, the breath machine operator. It is then supposed to be forwarded to the Department "immediately"-"on or before the end of the fifth ordinary business day following the arrest." [Vehicle Code § 23158.5(c)] In fact, however, this deadline is routinely ignored with no consequences.

The individual then has 10 days within which to contact a local branch of the DMV's Office of Driver Safety and request a hearing. It is very important that the individual or his attorney contacts the DMV for this hearing because, after 10 days, the suspension will automatically take effect. With a competent DMV attorney, you may be able to avoid the suspension.

Other DMV Hearings

You may request a hearing for all other suspensions and, if so, having an experienced DMV lawyer represent you may make the difference in the outcome of your hearing. As a San Bernardino DMV attorney, our attorney has successfully helped countless numbers of clients. He serves all of San Bernardino County.

Do you need representation for a DMV hearing? Call the firm today to talk about your case.