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Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Our firm works diligently for those who have been charged for a crime and with our detailed knowledge of the law and the court systems, we have been able to gain successful outcomes for many of the clients we serve. We focus on the area of criminal defense so that we are able to excel in what we do.

By placing our attention here we can grow in our understanding of both misdemeanors and felonies. The following are some of the areas that we provide representation in, but for further information schedule a consultation with out San Bernardino criminal defense attorney.

Child Molestation
This offense can lead to serious penalties and it is important to bring to light any important details that have been left out. A false accusation can be made and a person's freedom can be reduced because of it.

Penalties can influence your ability to drive such as with a DUI conviction. You will have to deal with the DMV in these cases and it is important to do so accurately so that you reduce the amount of time that you are off the road.

Domestic Violence
When two people are involved in a heated situation one of them may take all the blame when the other party accuses them of domestic violence. These charges can lead to high consequences when the other individual may be just as at fault.

Drug Offenses
There are a number of types of drug crimes, including the possession of a drug, the sale of it, manufacturing or cultivating an illegal substance and these can all come with significant ramifications including possible jail time, fines and more.

Drug Possession
Possessing illegal drugs is an offense even if you had no intention to sell them. Additionally, those who are suspected of having the intention of selling them can deal with further penalties. Officers may suspect the intention of sale when drug paraphernalia is present.

DUI & Vehicular Manslaughter
When driving under the influence of alcohol, some people may be involved in a car accident that leads to the fatality of someone involved. This is one of the most serious types of criminal charges, possible constituting a felony offense.

Already convicted? Some charges may be expunged, allowing you the chance to move forward from them and keep the information of a past incident private.

Federal Crimes
All crimes should be taken seriously, but these offenses will come with a higher price. A federal crime will be prosecuted by the federal government and that means that they have the ability to seek substantially higher penalties.

A felony is reserved for those crimes that are considered to be more serious in nature. It includes a number of different types of crimes such as sex crimes or violent crimes that may lead to jail time, financial costs and more. A felony is a harsh thing to have on your record and you want to do everything possible to avoid it.

Firearm/Weapons Charges
Being found with a weapon that you do not legally have the right to carry can leave you with a number of penalties depending on the circumstances. You may not have even known that you were breaking the law and before you know it you are charged for a crime. Other offenses can also be increased when a weapon is involved in the crime, even if it is never used against the other party.

Charged for homicide? This crime can range, but all cases are considered to be incredibly significant by the government. Depending on if you are charged for first degree murder or justifiable homicide, your penalties can vary substantially.

Identity Theft
Stealing the identity of another person can be committed in a number of ways from using their insurance to taking out a credit card in their name. Either way this is a crime that has gained greater attention by law enforcement after a rise in incidents was observed. There are different ways that evidence may be brought against you and it is imperative to have someone involved in your case that understands how to defend it.

Juvenile Crimes
Individuals under the age of 18 may be charged as an adult or a minor depending on what the court decides. If they are charged as a juvenile the penalties may not necessarily be as harsh but that is not to say that they will not be substantial. The outcomes of these cases can influence the future of a young individual.

Marsy's Law
This law was instigated to protect the rights of crime victims preventing them from being forced into giving their testimony about an incident of domestic violence or child molestation.

Medical Marijuana Cases
Even with medical marijuana gaining greater acceptance, there is the potential for a charge to be faced. This can lead to consequences by individuals that were unaware that they were breaking the law or that were simply using the substance to deal with a medical condition.

These charges are often considered to be less severe since they typically come with reduced penalties compared to a felony, but they can actually still come with serious penalties. A misdemeanor may still carry the potential for a life altering outcome and it should be fought aggressively.

Through a motion it may be possible to achieve certain results that protect your rights and your freedom. It can halt the prosecution through having evidence thrown out and taking other actions that protect you.

Other Sex Offenses
Sex crimes cover a range of criminal actions that can range from threats to forceful rape. The penalties of these cases can vary depending on details of the case such as how severe it was, if the individual was harmed and if there is a past criminal history.

Probation & Parole
Probation and parole may be offered for an individual to avoid jail time or as a transition after leaving jail. It allows the individual the ability to carry out the sentence outside of jail under the understanding that they will adhere to the terms. Violating it can increase penalties and for some may require them to go to jail.

The crime of rape is considered to be one of the most serious sex crime offenses and it can lead to jail time, thousands in fines and jail costs, probation periods and the need to register as a sex offender. Not only does a conviction lead to penalties but the ramifications can persist.

Securities Violations
These cases may be dealt with at both the state and federal level depending on the details of the situation. Securities fraud may also be referred to as investment fraud and it may be committed through misstatements, manipulation of stocks, insider trading and in other ways.

Theft Crimes
Petty theft, embezzlement and robbery are all considered forms of theft, though they vary in nature and the potential for penalties. For those that have prior convictions the penalties can be higher as well. These charges can be fought and our firm has been able to do so effectively.

New Three Strikes Law
Through changes in the law the Three Strikes Law has been changed so that those whose third conviction meets guidelines may be able to avoid the life sentence or have theirs reversed if they have already been sentenced. While automatic penalties can still be inflicted they may not be as harsh and can fit the situation more than they previously did.

White Collar Crimes
These crimes just go to show you that anyone can find themselves being accused of committing a crime. They are generally not violent and can be involved in more of a business setting. It may include money laundering, tax fraud, bribery and other related offenses that are prohibited by the law.

Writs & Appeals
Through a writ or appeal you may have the option of overturning a previous ruling that can offer you reduced penalties or may negate the charge altogether. This process needs to be handled correctly to increase the likeliness of an effective outcome.

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