Blog Posts in November, 2013

  • Criminal Charges: Arraignment

    || 27-Nov-2013

    Following an arrest, the case will need to be started. This is done through the police writing up a report of what took place. This will offer a summary of the events and it can be useful in the remainder of the case. Typically, the person being charged will not have access to the report, but their legal representation will. Next, the prosecutor will need to review the situation and decide what ...
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  • Understanding the Arrest Process

    || 20-Nov-2013

    The beginning of a criminal case starts at the arrest. The details of this event will be important and will be scrutinized if the case moves further along in the process. If the case eventually goes to trial than each aspect of the arrest will likely be looked over. In order for an officer to make an arrest, probably cause must exist. This means that there is a reason for the citizen being taken ...
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