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Are you facing criminal charges in San Bernardino? Are you worried about what will happen to you, about your future and what kind of punishment you may be facing? Anyone facing criminal charges needs the professional legal services of a skilled and committed defense lawyer. We urge you to contact the San Bernardino criminal defense attorney at the firm to discuss the circumstances of your case as soon as possible. As a sole practitioner, Attorney Mark McDonald handles all cases personally and will never turn you over to an intern, assistant, or case manager. Because his overriding priority is client service and satisfaction, as a San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer he will make every effort to provide you with the most comprehensive and aggressive defense possible.

At the Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald, you will be involved in how your defense is constructed and how it is carried out. Your San Bernardino criminal defense attorney will take the time to ensure that you understand all legal aspects of your case and the court processes involved. This approach is based on the underlying belief that you are the most important factor in your defense strategy. The earlier in your situation that you engage the services of an attorney, the better your chances will be for a favorable outcome. When you decide to work with the San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer at the firm, you will receive the benefit of an attorney who has been practicing since 1990 and has an abundance of experience and skills to apply to your case.

The firm handles criminal cases of all kinds including those involving a felony, misdemeanor, theft crime, drug offense, child molestation, other sex offenses, homicide, federal crime, white collar crime, DUI and vehicular manslaughter, firearm / weapons charges, and juvenile crimes.

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